Royal Star Theatre (RST) was founded in the summer of 2015.   The founding members of RST, were drawn together to start a new group in Queens that would  work to contribute to their home community whilst producing high quality theatrical experiences.  Since it's founding RST has prided itself on being able to draw new members to its community as well as include its existing membership.


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Dena Civello - Founding Member/Current RST Secretary


Stage Manager:

Broadway Around The World- a Musical Revue (Fall '15)

Amanda Doria- Founding Member/ Current RST President 



Ensemble-Broadway Around The World - A Musical Revue (Fall '15)                                        Narrorator 



Charlene D. Greenberg- Founding Member/ Current RST Treasurer

"Cookie" Knisbaum- Founding Member/ Current RST Vice-President

Amanda Montoni- Founding Member / Current RST Director of Communications and Marketing

Erik Neilssen- Founding Member/ Current RST Director of Resource Development 

Maryellen Pierce- Founding Member/ Current RST Director of Artistic Development